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95% of your success is related to your current mindset. Ask yourself: "What would I do differently, if I would be 100% certain, that my dreams will come true?"
Jonas Alexander Grodhues, Founder
Love Dynamics Allows You to Grow Financially and Spiritually
While others focus on the outside, we focus on the inside.
Master Your Lovelife
Master even the hardest and most complicated relationship dynamic.
Become the Best Coach
in The Field
Become the best coach in the field.
Help Us Help Others
We're provide the plattform and the audience. You deliver your gift to the world. Help us help others.
We Help You Grow Your Audience
In order to diversify risks, we help you grow your audience.
Build Your Own Location Independent Consulting Business
Did you always dream about starting your own location independent online business? We're here to help!
Make More Money!
We want you to succeed in your field. That's why we are dedicated to help you make the most out of your own business and cashflow.
  • Goldene Phoenix Transformation - Start of the Beta Testphase
  • Conquering Latin America - We're now online and available with services for Spanish speakers as well
  • And So Much More...
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